Emil Stucchio and The Classics’ unique style puts them in a class of their own. They received their recording
contract in 1959 and their first release "Cinderella" hit the national Top 100. In 1963, The Classics released TILL
THEN which sold over 5 1/2 million records and was voted #6 on the all-time Top 100 records on CBS FM! Their
follow-up, P.S. I LOVE YOU in 1964, was also a top 40 record.

They have received national acclaim for their top-selling CDs. Intimate Reflections is a collection of beautiful standards,
featuring "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" and "Somewhere". Their Gold Dust CD includes their own songs, along with
"Cara Mia" and "You'll Never Know". Embracing the rich music of their grandparents, La Musica D'Italia offers these
great Italian favorites: "Statte Vicino Amme", "O Solo Mio" and "Mala Femmina". Their CD, Club Illusion, is a collection
of all-time favorites, including "Old Songs", "Hungry Years", "For Your Love", "Hurt" and "Wildflower". The foundation
of The Classics is the outstanding original lead voice of Emil Stucchio. Completing the circle of style and blend are Al
Contrera (featured on "When You're Smiling" from Club Illusion) and Teresa McClean, lead voice on "You Don't Have
To Say You Love Me". To the pleasure of their many fans, Teresa and Emil sing together in "You've Got What It Takes"
and "Since I Don't Have You/Only Make Believe", both found on Club Illusion. Their popularity has continued to grow
as shown by a recent radio survey, where they were voted 6th most popular out of 500.

Their latest CD release A Moment in Time has gotten rave reviews nationwide. It includes great songs such as “Put Your
Head on My Shoulder”, “I Who Have Nothing”, “Wonderful, Wonderful”, and “If You Love Me ”. It also features two
great duets by Emil and Teresa, “Our Day Will Come” and “History is Made at Night ” (from the NBC hit “Smash”) as well
as a rousing version of “River Deep” by Teresa. The Classics continually hit the mark with beautifully orchestrated
arrangements by Tom Schizzano.
With over 50 years of entertainment experience and excellent vocal talents, The Classics continue to receive rave
reviews from audiences and producers from coast to coast, including Atlantic City and Las Vegas. The addition of an Italian
show adds to the versatility of The Classics, along with the songs and humor, for which they are noted. From Fifties to
Standards, from Italian to today's sounds, their shows, complete with outrageous comedy routines, are professional in every way.

The Classics add a special touch to every show. They are truly a class act.
Emil Stucchio and The Classics TM
"A certain kind of magic happens when The Classics step onto the stage
and begin sailing from one song to another"
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